YouTube is crazy!

Our house is filled with electronic devices.  We have tablets, smart phones, and gaming consoles.  As a mother of four growing kids, I try really hard to limit screen time so my kids learn to play independently or together, use their imagination and spend time outside.  When they do get to play on their phones or tablets, it’s all about YouTube!  Their biggest thing is watching gaming videos of their favorite game Roblox.  If you haven’t heard of Roblox yet, I think it’s similar to Minecraft, I’m not sure.  It’s a multi-player game and users can create different games with obstacle courses and prizes.  I haven’t learned enough to really give you the low-down, but the kids love it.  (I know, I know, shame on me for not knowing enough about this game).

Anywho…their favorite YouTuber to watch play Roblox is gamingwithkev.  Oh, man, he is hilarious!  He really gets into the game and gives commentary throughout the obstacle courses.  Sometimes, when the kids are just playing the game, I’ll hear them say, “smack that thumbs up for your boy!”  It’s so funny.  He posts just about every other day or so and as he says in his video’s, “it is lit, it is fire!”  You wont regret watching any of his videos. Comic gold, I tell ya!

Have you guys heard of Ryan’s Toy Review?  I have!  This little kid named Ryan reviews all sorts of toys. He reviews everything from cars, trains, lego’s, super hero’s, and so much freaking more!  Can you believe he has over 14 million subscribers!  The kids are always asking to watch his latest video’s and request some of the toys.  His mom and dad help him play with the toys and also give commentary throughout the videos.  I don’t mind them filling their screen time with Ryan because the mom does little teaching videos with him.  I’ll admit, it’s cute.

Other videos my kids watch are other children opening up presents, more gaming videos, or Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly.  It’s silly to watch them during the day when they’re actually playing and repeating some of the things they’ve seen in the video’s.  My daughter loves watching EllieV Toys put together Lego sets.  Sometimes, when she’s sitting at the table playing with her Lego’s, she acts like she’s speaking into a camera and explains what she’s building and who the characters are.


Do your kids watch YouTube?  What are their favorites?

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