Park City, UT

Recently, we went on a little trip with my husband, who had a workshop in Park City, UT.  The kids and I weren’t originally planning on going, but there were some last minute change in plans and we decided to tag along with him.  I don’t often go on any kind of long distance road trips without the rest of my family.  When we go somewhere for a long period of time, there’s usually my parents, my aunt, my sisters and maybe both of my brothers, plus the 6 of us.  I was a little nervous to head out alone without them, but I made a way.

Our trip started out a bit confusing (because I didn’t plan it) and some details were left out.  Such as actual dates the workshop was to begin, what day to check into the hotel, etc.  It takes about 14 hours without stopping to get from our little town to Park City.  We left on a Saturday when we should have just left on a Sunday.  We ended up staying in Belgrade, MT on Saturday, then Salt Lake City on Sunday and finally checked into the Grand Summit Hotel in Park City on Monday afternoon.   While we were in SLC, I called my cousin, who I haven’t seen in ages. Her and her daughter came and hung out with us for awhile.  It was so nice to see them both.

Things sort of went more nuts when we checked into our final destination in Park City.  My husband checked us in, all 6 of us made our way up to our room to find only one king bed and hardly no space for 2 adults and 4 kids.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice room with a balcony and an awesome view, but there was no way we would have been comfortable in such a small space.  I told my husband we should see about getting another room with two beds, so we trot back downstairs to the front desk.  We get another room and all of us went up for a 2nd time, walked in, and there was already someone else’s luggage laying on the beds and floor.

By then, I’m really upset, because like I said, I didn’t plan on going on this trip and wasn’t much looking forward to it.  I’ll admit, I was tired and crabby, and I got a bit snippy with the lady at the front desk.  (I apologized later, honest!)  She gave us another room and this time, I waited in the lobby with the kids while their dad went to scope things out.  The 3rd room was a charm so I started unloading our massive amounts of luggage.  I seriously over-packed because I had no idea what weather to expect or what we would need for entertainment.  The Grand Summit has valet and bell hop service, which was pretty nice.    The attendant was amazing and helped us unload the vehicle and took our luggage up to our room.  Talk about ritzy!

Now before I go on,  I was thinking ahead about food.  We stopped at Walmart before driving into Park City so I could load up on things to eat.  Feeding 6 people can get expensive when you eat out for every meal.  I bought fruit and cereal, milk, stuff that you can put in the fridge and warm up in the microwave.  We got up to our room with our luggage and I started putting things away.  That’s when I realized there was no freaking fridge or microwave in the room!  I’m like, well this is a fancy place, maybe it’s hidden in the bathroom or in the closet.  Nope, nothing!  My little guy is still on the bottle and here I am with a gallon of milk and no fridge.

By then, I’m really upset about the beginning of this trip and how badly things were working out.  I just wanted to be home. After a quick phone call to my mom so she could talk me down from my madness, my oldest and I decided to walk downstairs to check things out and see about coffee.  I am happy to report, there is a small coffee shop/convenience type store in the lobby and they sell Starbucks!!  I learned at the front desk all standard rooms do not have a fridge or microwave.  Who knew?!  Everywhere I have ever stayed always had a fridge and microwave.  She did tell me that she’d ask maintenance and see if they had an extra fridge but we never did get one.  No worries, tho.  I brought my cooler and packed it full of ice the whole week.  Our microwaveable food didn’t go to waste either.  The front desk was happy to warm it up for us when needed.

Outside in front of the hotel

Now if you ever get an opportunity to visit Park City either during the winter or summer, there is always something to do.  Park City started out as a silver mining town and then became known for skiing because of all the mountains and snow.  The Winter Olympics were held there in 2002 and I’m pretty sure I seen a road named Olympic Ave.  Main street is where everything is happening.   We walked up and down main street, got snacks at The Chocolate Factory, spent a small fortune on socks at The Crazy Socks Store and one night we went into the museum.

The museum is steeped in the history about Park City.  Tickets range from $5-$12 and kids 6 and under get in free.  It even has a gift shop when you walk in the front doors. You can learn about the mining experiences and tools, the first fire truck, the fire that took out half the town and so much more.  My favorite was viewing the old jail located in the basement.  The walls are covered in names from old prisoners and other doodles.  There’s a interactive table outside of the cells showing some of the most wanted prisoners.  It has a little screen and actors portray the criminals describing what they were wanted for and what happened after they were caught.  The kids enjoyed looking at the different mining tools and even got to try out one of the drills.  It was pretty neat.  I wish I had taken more pictures.

This little bench with a bear was sitting outside a shop on Main Street

I discovered something amazing about my kiddos that I did not freaking know: they can swim!!   The first night we arrived in Park City, we went to Walmart and loaded up on pool toys and arm floaties.  The kids were so excited about going to the pool that they just couldn’t wait for their dad to finish his work shop so I decided to take them down myself.  I was so nervous about taking them by myself but I did and was totally amazed that they could tread water and float and swim with ease.  It was like they had been swimming forever!  The outdoor pool at the Grand Summit Hotel is heated and the water is amazing.  The pools open until 11pm which is nice.

Wanna know another little tidbit about Park City?  There’s a Denny’s and kids eat free from 4-10pm.  You know I took advantage of that little nugget!  We even celebrated our little guys 1st birthday on Wednesday.  They  let us bring in a store bought cake and we ordered ice cream after dinner.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of places to eat in Park City and the Grand Summit also has 2 restaurants located within the hotel, but we didn’t come with a whole lot of cash so my goal was to get us fed on the cheap.  You can also find a whole lot of eateries and restaurants walking down Main Street.  If I had a chance to go again, I’d check them all out.

The week flew by pretty fast after our crazy start and I’m so glad we went with my husband after all was said and done.  We made new memories with our kids and my daughter wants to go again.  I don’t know if we will actually ever make that trip again, but if we did, I’d stay at the Grand Summit in a bigger room and we’d try out the hiking and other restaurants.  I liked the friendly staff, the room service was fantastic, and housekeeping let me help clean our room,  but I gotta tell you, as soon as Friday rolled around, we booked it home.   I missed my family, my home and all my animals.  Nothing like being in your own space, am I right!

First cup of coffee in my own home at my own table ❤
So, if you ever get a chance to go on an unexpected trip, go and make the best out of it.  If you make it to Park City, it can be a lot of fun.  If you go during the summer, make sure you pack a mixture of warm and cool clothes because it gets a little chilly in the evening.  Take jackets!

I’d love to hear of any destinations you’d recommend.  Let me know in the comments.

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