Sleep is not Overrated

Sleep is overrated.  We’ve all heard that saying, but I can assure you, it is definitely not overrated.  For example, it is roughly 6 am and I’ve only had about an hour or so of sleep.  I have 3 sick babies and they are all taking their turns being up through the night because they can’t breathe through their tiny little noses. At this very moment, 2 are sleeping and 1 is very much awake.  My house smells like Vick’s and a bottle of Dimetapp is their best friend.  I would very much love to lie down, but that isn’t possible.

I love this stuff!

Selfish, right?  I mean, here they are, sick with colds and all I can think about is a little more sleep.  At these moments, as much as I love my kids, I remember what it was like to sleep.  How I was able to sleep in or even through the night.  I was never a morning person and even now with my little morning routine, I’m still a night owl at heart.  Of course, this is only temporary and I know that soon enough, my final little guy will go to sleep.  I’ll get to lie down for a little while and maybe squeeze in another hour or two of sleep before the other kiddos wake up.  For now, I’ll just chill with him and hope he doesn’t wake up his dad or his siblings.

Yeah, sleep is definitely overrated.

What are your go to tips and tricks to keep your babies asleep through the night when they don’t feel good.

 Post may contain affiliate links. This post is not being sponsored by Dimetapp or Vicks.  Oppinions expressed are mine alone.

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